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  • Citizen Activists
    • Direct Congress | governance by the people – the next evolution of human achievement in good governance, where We the People can direct our Congress by creating the best laws possible, and supporting candidates who contractually agree to only vote the way the majority of citizens vote online. |
    • Fight for Philly | a grassroots coalition of residents, community groups, neighborhood associations, faith organizations and labor groups united in the fight for good jobs, corporate accountability and strong communities | Anne Gemmell | 267.850.0891 |
    • The Hip-Hop party for the People | New Ideas, New Approaches & New Leadership for All of Philadelphia |
    • Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart | Tommy Joshua | (215)307-7102 | pcoh2012 at
  • City of Philadelphia
    • Anti-Graffiti Network | will send a truck & city workers out to power wash paint from the sides of buildings |
    • Abandoned Automobiles | the city will clear out Abandoned Automobiles |
    • Philadelphia City Council | resources & support |
    • Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council | facilitates the development of responsible policies that improve access for Philadelphia residents to culturally appropriate, nutritionally sound, and affordable food that is grown locally through environmentally sustainable practices. | | on Facebook: PhillyFPAC
    • Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS) | |
      • Katherine Gajewski, Director of Sustainability | katherine.gajewski @
      • Sarah Wu, Policy & Outreach Director | monthly Greenworks Newsletter | sarah.wu @
    • Philadelphia Water Dept (PWD) |
    • Philly 311 | your connection to City Hall | 311
    • Philadelphia Streets Department | call about special trash pick-up. Sometimes they actually come out that day or the next day & pickup. Prefer to be notified 24 hours in advance of the regularly scheduled trash pickup so they’ll take it |
    • Streets Department Convenience Centers | drop off trash, recycling, & TIRES from 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday |
    • Vacant Lot Program | the city will clean up lots & then bill the private owner for the clean-up. This can happen right away if your lot happens to be in the zip code that they’re working on &/or the property is city-owned or on a private lot with previous violations. But it could take up to 90 days. |
  • State of Pennsylvania
  • Parties
    • Democratic
    • Green Party of Philadelphia | PO Box 41827, Philadelphia PA 19101 | 215.243.7103 |