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It’s time we changed the story of our civilization. Listed here are media outlets different from the norm, with stories of the positive changes thousands of us are working on.

If you aren’t convinced, take a look at Who controls 90% of everything Americans Watch Hear & Read.

Audio | Magazines | Neighborhood News | Newspapers | Online | Video

  • Audio
    • Deep Green Philly | a podcasting & news website inspired by the certainty that we are on the wrong path as a species, asking us to look beyond the mainstream green movement that appears to have reached its limits |
    • GtownRadio | Germantown, Phila PA 19144 |
    • Prometheus Radio Project |
  • Magazines
  • Neighborhood News
    • Citizens Call | local news and community connections in Cheltenham | Steve Strahs | Melrose Park PA 19027 |
    • NEast Philly | daily online newspaper for NE Philly |
  • Newspapers
  • Online
    • Green Jobs Philly News | monthly newsletter of local greening, since 2008 | Paul Glover |
    • IndyMedia
    • Greater Philadelphia Environmental Network (GPEN) |
    • OccupyPhillyMedia |
    • Raging Chicken Press | Kutztown PA-based left/progressive media site devoted to covering and helping build on-the-ground activism and communities of resistance | Sean Kitchen |
  • Video
    • GreenTreks Network | nonprofit |
      • EcoExpress | a program of GreenTreks | free resource center for local educators, providing documentaries covering a wide range of environmental and science topics. Each video is accompanied by supplemental curriculum aligned to the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and the School District of Philadelphia’s Planning and Scheduling Timeline. EcoExpress helps teachers reach students with a broad range of learning styles. |
    • Harry Fleckenstein | video about Occupy Vacant Lots
    • Philly Community Access Media (PhillyCAM) | The non-profit designated by the City of Philadelphia to operate its public access television network. Mission is to provide Philadelphia residents and organizations with the opportunity to communicate with each other through the creation and distribution of non-commercial media. |
    • Mind TV | a smorgasboard of 5 minute segments produced by people like you | channel 35